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Inspiring Change

Have you ever thought about walking on fire?

When was the last time you felt truly amazing?


Increasingly people are choosing to self empower by challenging themselves to undertake a firewalk to overcome their fears, insecurities and traumas.

Lesley Rodgers is Scotland’s first female Firewalk Instructor having trained over ten years ago with the ‘Mother of Firewalking’ Peggy Dylan of Sundoor USA and Simon Treselyan, Starfire UK.

Fire walking isn’t just about walking on hot coals or embers; it can be used as a metaphor for the challenges we face in life. The work we do before the fire is lit prepares us to face those fears and to choose a path of self-belief. Something in us changes and we suddenly know that we have the ability to walk on fire. This is one of the ultimate fears a person can face and yet, we can walk all over it.

Firewalking may be labelled as a spiritual practice or it may be a very physical experience; about achieving something human. For some it is about strengthening the mind, others might see it in a healing capacity. Whatever you believe, fire walking is one of the most empowering activities a person can do for themselves. 

I choose to approach it in an holistic way; freeing the body and mind of limitations, believing in possibility and, very importantly, as a method of 'changing your chi' towards a previous perception or obstruction in your life.


Inspiring Change ~ In YOU

Free your attachments to the past, Realise YOUR Potential

Flame of the Goddess Firewalk

Full moon, Sat October 23rd 2010

So, is the fear of firewalking about burning your feet, or the fear of taking responsibility for your life?

We're told from an early age that fire burns, but...

WHAT IF ... walking on fire didn't burn?

WHAT IF ... it gave you a completely new perspective on your life ?

WHAT IF ... you realise you could do anything you choose?

Firewalking rituals are still in existence and are probably more in need today than ever before! We live in a society where dis-empowerment is by far more common than empowerment; a society where people live in, or with, fear every day of their lives.

This need not be the case when we fill ourselves with confidence and coping skills to face the future. 

Undertaking a firewalk is a life-changing experience - expect nothing less!

Join Lesley in walking hot coals and commit to making the changes YOU need to make YOUR dreams a reality.