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The Grace of Glass walking                        

The art of glass walking lies in trust & belief and it’s one of my favourite transformational tools; re- affirming self- belief whilst eradicating the old, outworn patterns which have been disempowering YOU.

Walking on glass frees your mind from worry & stress, allowing you to choose the path YOU wish to tread, using crunchy broken glass as the metaphor for change. Can you imagine getting to the stage of actually wanting to walk on glass? Yes? Well, then you’re ready to step right into a new realm of self knowledge. Glass-walking experientially will show you new ways in which to trust yourself and learn that walking on glass, just as in life, the lessons don’t have to be so sharp! 

Glass walking can help heal your past, cut the ties that bind or build your confidence to move into the next phase ...
Don’t be overcome by fear,  reclaim your personal power now.

Kick the Habit - Change Your Life

A one day empowerment workshop to create space from addictions & move into your future with confidence. 

Optional Glasswalking included. Please use the Join-up box below for info, to book a group or secure your place.

Testimonial; Glass–walking by Jo King 

My first experience in Saorsa’s workshops was completely mind-blowing; I steadily walked across a path of broken glass, and felt myself become completely uplifted. Honestly - I felt approx 2ft off the ground afterwards, an amazing experience!!

It was International Women’s Day and there was a strong sense of safety and security within the group, we were led through a vigorous mental and physical warm up.

I was fully aware of the mixture of contradictory emotions I was feeling; excitement, anxiety, nervousness, confidence, all climaxing towards taking the first step, as I stood bare foot in front of the jagged glass, I felt a surge of deep rooted fear arise, I realize now in retrospect that it had to come up to be released.

I took a deep breath, looked straight ahead and stepped forward...it felt like electricity was rushing up my legs. After two or three steps I felt immense pleasure when a huge lump of glass popped and crushed under the sole of my right foot, it shifted energy.
This experience has allowed me to go forward in my natural spiritual path.

Saorsa aka Lesley Rodgers