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Inspiring Change...


I believe that all of our experiences, good and bad are held somewhere in our bodies, that is, until we learn to let them go or radically change our perception of them.

The board- breaking exercise focuses on identifying and releasing limiting belief patterns which are barriers to our growth and our happiness. We can view this as an inner alchemical process and bring into our awareness the negative patterns we must break the cycle of, achieving success from the moment we decide to change it.

Board-breaking allows the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a persons healing, in an area of their life, to come into alignment. This resolves the issue and enables us to 'change our chi' towards finding solutions. 

Commitment is key to change.

It may seem impossible to some, but somewhere within, if there is a desire to change, the energy accompanies this and suddenly it all becomes possible.

Challenge yourself: overcome your fears and rid yourself of insecurity.
This is self empowerment!

As a wise man once said,

There are times when life offers you a square centimetre of chance. If you have the courage, in that moment to grasp it, your life will change in an instant!

Release Your Potential- Change Your Life

One day self development training with optional Board Break to remove the barriers that hold you back or slow you down...

Please use the sign-up box below for info & to book your place.


"Five Year Stretch" Exhibition by inmates at HMP Barlinnie Glasgow to celebrate 5 years of working with Theatre Nemo